Life’s a beach

It was a perfect day. Absolute perfection. I took my kids to the beach this afternoon. We swam in the lake, built a sand castle and buried a little girl we barely knew. Well, the last part was a bit awkward. My daughter wanted to bury my friend Nikki in the sand. Nikki, who doesn’t have any children yet, looked at my daughter like she was cray, cray. She actually goes to the beach to relax or read. Can you even imagine what that is like? Nikki was a good sport though and helped bury me instead.


My daughter was next, we buried my son’s friend and then a curly haired little girl with big brown eyes looked up at me pleading, “My turn! My turn!” I scanned the beach for her parent or guardian. Apparently, I just befriended little orphan Annie. Nikki and I shrugged and started piling the sand on her legs.

Sure, my daughter had a mild tantrum, my boys got in trouble for whipping sand at one other and we had to look at this guy, but it was still fun.


(Really? I blame his wife for not saying, “Honey, you look like an a-hole.”)

I got to play with my children as they splashed in the water, smiling and laughing. The weather was beautiful and the view breathtaking. I also enjoyed great conversation with my dear friend. Honestly, I wish I could bottle this feeling. Then, I could take a swig when people annoy me. (Ex. when I am in a hurry and a woman in line at the grocery store whips out a checkbook. Hello, 1990 called and asked you to get a debit card.) Years from now I will pull out the photos I snapped and remember how perfect this day was. I will also remember Little orphan Annie who is front and center in a couple shots.

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