Memorable Dessert

I have never quite understood the fascination with photo cakes.   You will eventually have to butcher someone you love.  Who wants to eat Grandpa’s ear?  Yet, time and time again I see them at parties.  I must admit they do taste good.  There is something about that damn butter cream frosting.  I ordered my son a Batman cake a few years ago that looked like something you would see on “Cake Boss.”  The characters were made with fondant. The attention to detail was amazing, but it tasted like the bottom of sneaker.  Well, what I assume the bottom of a sneaker would taste like.

Here is a memorable dessert.  A mother in Indiana ordered a graduation cake for her daughter.  She wanted a “small cap”  on her daughter’s head.  The person who took the order heard something completely different.  The result is fantastic.


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