Monthly Rage

One week, every month, I want to rip my husband’s face off. (Hey grammar/punctuation police, don’t bother emailing me. I am an adult and will use as many damn commas as I want.) Now, don’t get me wrong, there are other times when my spouse annoys me, but this week I make Brandi Glanville seem pleasant. It just so happens in this cycle, PMS will rear its ugly head during Spring Break. No, that doesn’t mean I will be popping Midol before throwing my bikini top on a stage in Daytona Beach. It means my children are home from school for 10 straight days. I like having my kids home, but my hormones need a little peace and quiet. I am trying to keep the brood busy so they aren’t bickering inside the house all day. I took them outside this morning to play in the snow. (I am giving Mother Nature the middle finger)

It took about 30 minutes to put on hats, gloves, boots, etc. I was sweating like a Biggest Loser contestant at Old Country Buffet. (Don’t email me about this joke either. Honey, I have struggled with my weight for years. Lighten up.) The cool air was refreshing and I really needed a dose of all natural vitamin D. We played basketball, baseball and built a snowman.


Actually, we built a snow bunny.


Pretty damn impressive, right? We had a lot of fun. It was the perfect morning. Then, my 5-year-old nailed me in the face with a snow ball.

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