Satan’s Whip

I saw this fly ride on my way to pick up up my son. When I last saw my 5-year-old this morning he was crying as his teacher peeled him off my leg. He isn’t feeling the whole kindergarten thing. He told me he “knows his colors and can count to 10. So, what’s the point?” Oh, I don’t know. The last time I checked you can’t list your knowledge of the rainbow as a skill on a resume.

Doesn’t it just warm your heart to see a truck labeled “Satan’s Ride II” parked near an elementary school? It has to make you wonder what “Satan’s Ride I” looked like. I bet “Satan’s Ride II” doesn’t have a clean record on Carfax. I’m shocked Satan’s whip is a mid-90’s Jeep. I figured he could afford to lease a newer, luxury vehicle. I’m not going to preach the bible, but if this is as good as life gets for Satan you may want to play for the other team.


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