I have a confession. I am a superhero. Some people may have suspected this all along. You may be scratching your head asking, “What is her special power?” Well, I can see things in my house that nobody else can see. Here are a few:

1.) Syrup spilled in the refrigerator

2.) Juice spilled in the refrigerator

3.) Anything spilled in the refrigerator

4.) Bag of chips, crackers, etc. with only crumbs inside

5.) Socks on the bedroom floor

6.) Lint on a carpet

7.) Toys in front of a door

8.) Shampoo bottles knocked over in the shower

9.) Full garbage cans

10.) Dishes in the sink

11.) Pubic hair on the back of the toilet

12.) Empty dog food dish

13.) Clean clothes in a laundry basket

14.) Sauce crusted on the stovetop

15.) No toilet paper on roll

16.) Milk or juice container with drops remaining

17.) Toothpaste smeared in cabinet drawer

18.) Spit on bathroom mirror

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  • Andrea

    These are good but I thought you could help me figure out how crumbs get in the silverware drawer. No one acts like see them but me. Could this too be a superpower? Do I get a cape? Red shiny Spanx at least?

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