Texting Happy Birthday

Did you cram yourself into a pair of Spanx today and feel young again? Well, allow me to put you in your place. Twenty years ago on this date the first text message was sent. It was invented by a British engineer. The Brits can’t master dental care, but they changed the way we communicate. (I’m kidding my lovely English friends.) I actually remember my husband suggesting we get cell phones with text service. “I am not 15-years-old. I don’t need to send text messages,” I said. At the time I had no idea how many conversations texting would allow me to avoid. Having an argument via text messages is way better than confronting someone. Thank you Brits for allowing me to have a dozen conversations a day in my head, but not be labeled schizophrenic. I can text orders to my husband from upstairs and don’t have to listen to him complain. I am not phased in the least by his use of capital letters or exclamation points.

So, what else did 1992 bring besides text messaging? Here are a few neat facts I found on that thing called the Internet.

– AT & T release video telephone for $1,499

– “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred peaks at #1

– Howard Stern Radio Show begins broadcasting in Dallas (KGEL-FM 97.1)

– The first Nicotene patch is introduced to help stop smoking

– “Who’s The Boss,” final episode after 8 years on ABC TV

– Singers Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown marry

– Space Shuttle Endeavour successful maiden voyage

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