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My 6-year-old son is on the leader board in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. His victory only cost me $185. He was hanging out at grandma’s house playing with his IPod while I got my hair “did.” The App itself is free, but the tokens needed to advance to higher levels are NOT. I believe a guy who lives in his mom’s basement has the highest score. Who else would waste money on this nonsense on purpose? But you say, You need a password to buy anything from the ITunes Store.. Well, that’s where your 13-year-old brother comes in. A teenager who doesn’t want to be bothered by his brother will say anything to shut him up and that includes giving out secrets. So, my younger son had free reign to wreak havoc. When I noticed the charges on my bank statement I immediately blamed my husband, “What the hell did you buy?” My 6-year-old dropped his shoulders and stared at the ground. “I’m sorry Mommy. I didn’t know.” Sorry? Sorry? Mommy can forget Botox this month thanks to you.

My son can read and clicked Buy. However, like most kids his age he doesn’t know the value of money. What’s $185 bucks to a kid who thinks Batman could be real?

I managed to get an actual person on the telephone from the ITunes Store. He told me they would not be able to refund my money. What? I demanded to speak to a supervisor. Once again, my hormones kicked in, my voice cracking while demanding a refund. I think the guy on the other end of the line felt bad for me. This nut job must really need the money if she is on the verge of tears.. Whatever. I got my money back and learned how to block future in app purchases. Here is how you can avoid the headache:

Go to settings:


Open: General


Tap Restrictions


Turn off in app purchases


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