Vintage treasures

I will never forgive my father for throwing away our original Atari video games.   They were stored in a box in a corner in the attic.  We all moved out and he cleaned house. It brings a tear to my eye to think of Donkey Kong sitting alone in a landfill.   A friend of mine still has her vintage gaming system.  She pulled it out and her kids played for hours.  Her 13-year-old son mastered Pitfall on his first turn.  What the hell was wrong with us? I barely made it past level four.    An original Atari system sells for over $100 on Ebay.  It isn’t the only toy from our childhood worth bank.

Teddy Ruxpin is listed for $349

Heman action figures are listed for $5,300

An original Cabbage Patch doll is listed for $1,250

I still have my original Cabbage Patch doll.  My daughter plays with Ellen Adella.  (I can’t remember important milestones in my own child’s life, but I still remember the name of a doll born in a patch,  with a man’s signature on her buttocks.)  I couldn’t sell it.  My uncle bought me that Cabbage Patch doll.  Who am I kidding?  For two grand I would sell an organ.  has a list of 33 childhood toys that are worth a fortune now.   You may want to check it before unloading your stuff at a garage sale.   I have had one garage sale in my adult life.  I spent eight hours baking in the hot sun and made $50.  I think migrant farm workers earn more.   Old ladies tried negotiating items marked for a quarter.  “I will give you ten cents.”  I caved every time.   I don’t know what was more intimidating: their demanding tone  or  nude support hose.   I watch Law & Order,  Grandma is not always as sweet as she seems.


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