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I will never forgive my father for throwing away our original Atari video games.   They were stored in a box in a corner in the attic.  We all moved out and he cleaned house. It brings a tear to my eye to think of Donkey Kong sitting alone in a landfill.   A friend of mine still has her vintage gaming system.  She pulled it out and her kids played for hours.  Her 13-year-old son mastered Pitfall on his first turn.  What the hell was wrong with us? I barely made it past level four.    An original Atari system sells for over $100 on Ebay.  It isn’t the only toy from our childhood worth bank.

Teddy Ruxpin is listed for $349

Heman action figures are listed for $5,300

An original Cabbage Patch doll is listed for $1,250

I still have my original Cabbage Patch doll.  My daughter plays with Ellen Adella.  (I can’t remember important milestones in my own child’s life, but I still remember the name of a doll born in a patch,  with a man’s signature on her buttocks.)  I couldn’t sell it.  My uncle bought me that Cabbage Patch doll.  Who am I kidding?  For two grand I would sell an organ.

BuzzFeed.com  has a list of 33 childhood toys that are worth a fortune now.   You may want to check it before unloading your stuff at a garage sale.   I have had one garage sale in my adult life.  I spent eight hours baking in the hot sun and made $50.  I think migrant farm workers earn more.   Old ladies tried negotiating items marked for a quarter.  “I will give you ten cents.”  I caved every time.   I don’t know what was more intimidating: their demanding tone  or  nude support hose.   I watch Law & Order,  Grandma is not always as sweet as she seems.


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  • Ann @Foodie in WV

    Teddy Ruxpin was so annoying! The only amusing thing about the toy was that you could make your own tapes for it to say. Then they changed the later models since every kid was making it swear 🙂

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