Things that may you go hmmmm….

Sometimes a trip to Walmart brings me such joy. It’s not because it’s one big pajama party. Every so often you discover astonishing merchandise.

Close your eyes and step back into 1991. You are in the club, rocking bike shorts and a neon shirt when the dj spins some C+C Music Factory. File this one under “Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm….”


I wish I could have been in the conference room when this brilliant idea was pitched.

Designer: I have an idea that is going to take this company to the next level. It’s a (dramatic pause) t-shirt that looks like a dress shirt. Oh, but it’s not just any dress shirt. We give the illusion that the man is wearing a sweater and a bow tie. We don’t stop there. There will be a name tag on the sweater where we quote an overplayed song by a group that broke up. It says Hello I’m….Sexy and I Know It.

Bam! They are mass produced. You can expect it to be worn this summer at the county fair or fire hall wedding reception.

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