Trick or Treat

There goes my waistline. I have already eaten five candy bars, a Tootsie Roll, Dots and licorice. My kids will be lucky if they have anything left by morning. My name is Deanna and I have no self control. Hi, Deanna!

My children had such a good time. One house required each kid to tell a joke before receiving candy. I suppose the lesson is that nothing in life is free. You have to earn that butterscotch disc. I couldn’t believe the number of parents driving their kids from house to house. There was even a man on a golf cart. Really? Isn’t half the fun for kids running from door to door? Besides, I am pretty sure this fella could use the exercise.

This is probably the last year my older son will go out on Halloween. Of course, he couldn’t be seen with Mom and Dad. He went trick or treating with his friends dressed in a horrifying zombie costume. It seems like yesterday he was dressed as Cat in the Hat, holding my hand as we walked down the street. He would race across each yard to tell me what candy he got. Times have changed. Tonight he called me on his cellphone, “Mom, can I stay out a little longer with my friends?” Sure, buddy. Sure.

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