Oh, bloody hell. This warning light appeared in the van on my way home from the radio station.


I was driving along on the highway, minding my own business and rocking out to Hanson’s Mmmm Bop (Don’t judge) when the swagger wagon started to decelerate. The engine was sputtering and making a weird noise. I may have uttered a few curse words. We just bought the van in July. I have never had a problem with a Honda. The lady who answered the emergency toll free number was very helpful. She immediately contacted a tow truck to get my vehicle to the dealer. However, the tow truck driver wasn’t in a big hurry. Nearly an hour and a half after being called my phone rang, “Hi. This is (beep) from (beep) Tow Service. I am going to be about 20 minutes late. I am passing a McDonald’s and am going to stop to get a bite to eat.” Sure, take your time buddy and enjoy a Big Mac while I was scramble to arrange a ride for my son from school. What about a drive-thru? He kept his word and arrived 20 minutes later smelling like French fries. I’m still waiting for word on what exactly is wrong with the swagger wagon. Well, that is, if he made it to the service station by now. Who knows, maybe he passed a Friendly’s and decided to stop for dessert.


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