A warm hug….

I think it is time for my son’s school to update its book collection. In kindergarten students are encouraged to refer to the pictures to help them read. It makes learning difficult when your kid has no idea what is in the picture. Here is an example. A recent book we read was titled “Hugs Are Warm.” I am sure, back in the day, this book was a contender for the Caldecott Medal. Nowadays, it doesn’t quite work:

A warm hug is like…


a diseased liver? (Real answer: a water bottle)

A warm hug is like….


….. a furry sweater? (real answer: a coat)

A warm hug is like….


…. a defective mug sold at the Dollar Tree? (real answer: a cup)

A warm hug is like…..


…. an infected belly button? (Real answer: A Huggle. I have no idea what the hell a Huggle is either)

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