Viral videos

Parents around the world post videos of their children online. Approximately 16 million videos are categorized under “funny kid” on YouTube. Type “funny baby” in the search box and there are over 30 million results. We all think our own children are adorable. Most of the time the clip that makes us laugh doesn’t have mass appeal. I don’t want to hear my own kids whine or fight. I put up with it because they are a tax write-off. Plus, I love them. I definitely don’t want to watch a video of your little b*stard screaming.

My daughter sang a song last night that she made up. It must have been the remix because it lasted four minutes. She makes it up as she goes along. She scans the room and sings about what ever object she sees. Basically, she is Taylor Swift if Taylor Swift wasn’t a whore. Of course, her lyrics don’t make any sense. It was funny because she is my daughter. I love her confidence. I don’t want anyone to ever take that away from her. Still, I am not going to post it to YouTube.

Here are a few kids who didn’t live in my uterus that aren’t annoying. In fact, they are hysterical:

Viral video: “Apparently”

“Viral video: Dark Horse”

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