Walmart song

Walmart attracts some unique birds. I am not sure where these people live, but they scare the hell out of me. I once saw a couple, with four teeth between them, haul a huge flat screen TV out of the store and put it in the trunk of their rusted car with duck taped windows. It was the dead of winter. Priorities? Apparently, there is only one way to catch the “falling prices” : You must be wearing filthy pajamas. The dirtier the better. If you can throw on a tank top and expose tattoos Billy gave you in the kitchen of his trailer that is even better.

It pisses me off. There is no reason to be dirty. I don’t care if you have to wash your vagina in the Walmart bathroom. Clean yo’self. My husband’s answer is, “Well, just don’t shop there then.” He can’t be bothered with my bitching. I am just trying to make a difference in the world one Spongebob pants wearing person at a time. Besides, I have to shop there. 1.) It’s cheap. There is no denying it, the prices are good. 2.) I feel like a supermodel.

There is a website dedicated to Walmart shoppers and now there is even a song. You won’t find these folks at (what my daughter calls) “the red store.”

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