What the?

My kids have always been well behaved on airplanes. It could be that (A.) I am a good Mom who raised them right or (B.) I put the fear of Jesus in them before we go through security.

They have witnessed what would happen if they acted like animals. We saw an entire family get booted from a flight because the toddler was having a tantrum and wouldn’t sit in her seat. The fabulous steward had zero patience for whining kids. He warned the Mom once and that was it. I overheard him say to another flight attendant, “Tell the pilot we have to turn this bitch around.”

I am not sure if that same steward would have thrown this woman off the plane. I think he may have joined in on the chorus or challenged her to a sing-off. If you haven’t read the news story, this broad was thrown off an American Airlines flight for refusing to stop singing Whitney Houston songs. You just cannot make this stuff up. The passenger next to her who got the coveted window seat must play for Team Bobby. Although brief, this video is an instant classic.

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  • Andrea

    Must have been Spirit Airlines which, i must note, ‘airlines’ is used very loosely. It’s very much like if buses could fly. Buses that pick up at prisons and looney bins.

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