You say it’s your birthday

I think I am having somewhat of a midlife crisis. Don’t panic. I have not purchased a Corvette or gold chain. I guess I just thought that, by now, I would know what I want to be when I grow up. (Obviously, I’m not going to be one of the Fly Girls after all.) There are 38 candles on my cake today and I am still searching for my passion. I started this blog not only as a way to vent, but because I like to write. I walked away from the news business after a decade because I couldn’t write about death and destruction anymore. I don’t regret my decision to quit and stay home with my children. If I were at work today I wouldn’t have witnessed by daughter breaking every etiquette rule in the book.


I turned my back for a moment and she dove face first into her soup. “Look, I’m a dog,” she said. Stay classy honey.

I may bitch and moan, but I cherish every moment with my children. I know that tomorrow isn’t promised. Am I starting to sound like an office desk calendar? I am just searching for what will make me happy when they grow up and abandon me for some whore. Um, I mean, wife. Maybe someone will stumble upon this website and pay me to write. I am guessing it won’t be the person who sent the email with no greeting or signature that read, “unsubscribe”. It turns out not everyone gets my sense of humor. (I don’t know what the hell is wrong with them either.) I know one thing for sure, I am blessed. I have an amazing family and friends. Most of the time, my children think I am the shit. Plus, I live in a day and age where a simple injection can make you look something other than 38. I am exactly where I should be on my birthday… stuck inside my daughter’s toy house. At my age it’s a lot easier getting in than getting out.



  • Diane

    Happy Birthday! I, for one, look forward to your daily writings, and am disappointed when – on rare occasion – there isn’t one. BTW, if today is indeed your birthday, you share the date with no less than William Shakespeare, and my daughter-in-law – not necessarily in that order! Keep up the creative writing.

  • Lil

    Happy Birthday. Mid-life crisis? Ha! Try being a 49 y/o, pre-empty nesting (age 20, 18, 16 children) mom with a body that will never recover from crazy doubling of my 25 y/o- self’s weight – no thanks to disabling fibromyalgia and chronic other health stuff – and a 22 year long marriage where recently the hubs and I went out for a couple of rare, back-to-back lunches during which all that was heard from our table when we weren’t eating was the sound of crickets, I have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to expect next. I never had a career, I didn’t finish school and I don’t remember what my dreams were other that wanting to someday be a writer. Marriage has been the hardest and longest things I’ve ever done. Having children has been the best thing that ever happened to us. And challenges I’ve been through have been epic, but it doesn’t feel like I’ve grown up… just older.

    The only constant in my life is that I love to laugh and appreciate anyone that can deliver the funny. Thanks for that. Also, I haven’t taken a good photo in years. You… well, you look amazing! Hope you had a great birthday, and I’m glad that you made it out of that playhouse so that you could whip up this post! šŸ™‚

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