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I received a comment from an angry reader that started with “Are you kidding me?”  Yes, ma’am.  I am usually kidding.  You need to buy panties with stronger elastic.

I am not in the mood for anonymous insults. When you work in TV news you have to put up with a lot of BS.

Comment: “I don’t like your haircut.”

Response: Thank you for your feedback.

Comment:“You’re a dumb pig.”

Response: “Thank you for your feedback.”

Comment: “Your newscast is so painful it makes my eyes bleed.”

Response: Thank you for your feedback.

I can assure you the reporter, anchor, producer, etc. is thinking something completely different. If the walls in a newsroom could talk…. Now, I don’t have to be nice to rude people. I can be honest.

I was up all night with a sick child.  My 6-year-old has the virus from hell.  He doesn’t have a single symptom all day long,  but coughs the minute his head hits the pillow.   My husband managed to sleep through his hacking episodes.  I cannot.  I got up a million times to adjust his pillows, pat his back, curse, etc.  Each time I leaned over the bed he, in a sound sleep, started swinging like Mike Tyson on his honeymoon. I’m lucky I didn’t wind up with a black eye.

Anyway, I’m too tired to write something witty. So, here are a few of my favorite things on the world wide web.


Ohio State Marching Band Michael Jackson Tribute



What if your favorite brands used honest tag lines?  The answer is hysterical.  Here are a few examples.


For the complete list go to :  Twentytwowords.com




I ‘less than 3’ Conan O’Brien :



My daughter has some dance moves,  but this girl is amazing:


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