CD is 30

Last night I decided to upload some old skool music to my IPhone. I dragged out my CD binder circa 1993. See kids, back in the day we would keep this in our car and have a wide array of music at our fingertips. This is well before you could magically make a song appear on a MP3 player. My 5-year-old strolled into my bedroom as I was sifting through my music library. “What are those, movies?” he said, pointing to a CD. I informed him that it was a compact disc, “There are songs on here.” Come to think of it, I have not purchased a compact disc during his lifetime! Most major music labels plan to abandon the CD-format by the end of 2012.

I saw on NPR’s website that the CD turned 30 today. Yes, I read something other than TMZ. Can you believe it has been 3 decades since a CD first went on sale. I guess this bad boy is vintage:


Hell yeah, that’s Color Me Badd, Billie Holiday and Ani Defranco in one binder. I have eclectic taste. Wait until my son sees my audiotape collection. It’s going to blow his mind when I show him how to put scotch tape over the holes and record over music.

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