Crop Circles

It’s a matter of time before my house is featured, alongside Bat Boy, on the cover of “Weekly World News.” Then, tour buses will line the
street as people pay to get a glimpse of the apparent crop circles. Well, I hate to disappoint you. Aliens did not travel across the galaxy to doodle in my yard. My husband mowed the lawn. He was far too busy rockin’ out to Alice in Chains (True story. This is after he changed out of his ripped jeans and hyper color t-shirt) to realize the mower deck was lopsided. I don’t know what happened, but this is the finished product.


What makes this story even better is that he not only mowed our lawn, but cut the neighbor’s grass too. He was trying to be helpful. She came outside with a horrified look on her face probably expecting to see E.T. Instead she saw my husband cruising on a Toro in a white tank top. (Another true story. He bought it himself a few weeks ago. Cue the banjo.) Of course, he insists I must broken the mower. The lawn didn’t look this bad when I did it. (Yet another true story)

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