Egg on his face

…and today’s award for Worst Mother Ever goes to the woman in this video. After she finished her second pack of cigarettes Mom decided to pull a prank on her son. She tricks the poor kid into cracking an egg over his head. What a waste. She could have made a small omelette to feed her malnourished children. I think Sally Struthers needs to pay Mommy Dearest a visit. Don’t get me wrong, I mock my kids like all good mothers do. However, this video makes me sad. What’s the point? Your video wasn’t even shot properly. For the love of God, shoot with the phone camera horizontal!

I have so many questions after watching this video. Does this woman own a mop? Where are his little brother’s clothes? Maybe Mom could buy Jimmy a pair of pants if she wasn’t wasting money on props. The joke is on this wanna be comedian. Mom is usually the one left to clean up the mess.

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