Free school supplies

I bring a three ring binder with me when I go shopping. My teenage son is embarrassed and prefers to wait in the car. My daughter reminds me, “Don’t forget your coupons Mommy.” Well, you can laugh all you want Mama saved 50 cents yesterday. Boo-yah!

I actually get a lot of free stuff, too. For example, I just picked up some free school supplies. I know it’s not even August yet, but free is free. I dread the end of summer. It’s a lot of work getting three kids to and from school. That and my 13-year-old’s homework is getting difficult…. for me.


Who the hell cares how long it takes for Justin to make snowballs? It’s not my problem. He should just go inside and play video games with my kids.

I actually enjoy having my children home. Well, unless you drive into the garage and your 6-year-old witnesses it. I backed into the garage door on Monday. My son panicked, “Oh no! Did you break it?” I tried to play it off. “Nah, it’s fine.” In reality the door was knocked off the rail. The bottom panel caved in. I didn’t want to listen to my husband complain. He accuses me of being a bad driver all the time. Meanwhile, he totaled our last car.

I figured my husband wouldn’t notice the garage and I would have it fixed. My son wouldn’t tattle on his own mother, right? Wrong. The minute he saw his Dad he blurted out, “Guess what Mom did?” Seriously? I carried you for nine months in my womb and you turn on me?

Anyway, I would coupon even if I were rich. I’m kidding. I would throw money away. Until then, I am hunting for deals. The Krazy Coupon Lady has some freebies you should take advantage of.

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