Ultimate temper tantrum

We have all been in a store or restaurant and had to drag a child out kicking and screaming. The first time your kid throws a temper tantrum it’s embarrassing. I will never forget when my son lost his mind in the mall and was screaming “Put me down” as I struggled to carry him and shopping bags while pushing a stroller. Why didn’t I just put the bags or the kid in the stroller? Hindsight is a bitch. I was sweating and got annoyed by all the stares. “Haven’t you ever seen a temper tantrum before?” I shouted to complete strangers. By the second or third kid you aren’t phased in the least. In fact, you develop a sort of super power and can completely drown out their cries.

If you are a good parent they will learn tantrums don’t work. Clearly the woman in this viral video never learned that lesson and always got her way.

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