I cleaned out some closets this weekend. It’s amazing how quickly children outgrow clothing. I gathered a few bags to sell at a consignment shop. It’s a great way to make some extra money to put toward new clothes for the kids.  They always have the latest fashions. Meanwhile, I’m still rockin my B.U.M. sweatshirt. (If you are in your 20’s you will have no idea what that means.) I also need to clear out junk in the basement.  I need to get rid of a broken high chair, old desk, etc.  My town requires a special ticket to put larger items on the curb….. OR I can do what this guy has done and put disgusting trash in front of my house with a sign that says “FREE.”  People get excited when they see the word “FREE.”   I cannot believe this guy would just give this furniture  away.  I mean, who wouldn’t pay big bucks for a dirty, out-dated and torn recliner?

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