Game Night

I don’t know about your house, but in mine game night always ends in tears. Families always look so happy in the commercials, smiling and laughing. Don’t get me wrong, it starts out fun. My younger kids jump up and down with glee. They love playing board games. Our favorites are Hungry, Hungry Hippo, Twister and Trouble. I have to force my oldest to put down the IPad and play.You will spend time with your family and enjoy it, damn it!

They each take a turn, but quickly forget whose next. “It’s my turn.” “He took my turn.” “She just went.” I may not be able to remember why I am in the grocery store, but I can manage the order in a board game. My husband doesn’t help matters. He plays Candy Land like a football quarterback going for a Superbowl win. Would it kill him to let a 5-year-old win? No, he says they need to learn how to handle losing. No mercy. I say they will suffer years of disappointment and don’t need to cry over gumdrops and ladders.

I always swear that next time will be different. It won’t, but family game night is tradition tears and all.

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  • Karen

    My 42 year old brother has never been able to shake his place in our family as the worst Candyland loser ever. He once had a meltdown so epic, it damaged him in myriad ways. And we will never stop telling the story!

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