Germ Buster

My son came home from school and demonstrated the proper hand washing technique. The school nurse visited their classroom and gave a lesson on how to be Germ Busters. The same child who complains daily about going to school loves pretending to be a teacher. He squirted two pumps of soap in his hand, lathered it between his fingers and asked, “Do we rinse our hands now?” He cut me off before I could speak. He didn’t really want an answer. “No, we don’t,” he said. “Say it together. No. We. Don’t.” Really? This is turning into a game of Simon Says? “No. We. Don’t,” I echoed slowly. His hands will be clean, but my water bill is going to skyrocket. He also discussed why we cover our mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. Plus, they learned what foods to eat to stay healthy.

Then, he dried his hands on my shirt (the towel was two whole steps away) and said, “Mom, the nurse needs to realize we can’t be Germ Busters. We are just kids. Gosh, we are just kids.” He acted like she was sending him off to war. Kudos to the nurse for her preemptive strike against winter’s cold viruses. However, you can’t stop Mr. Freeze. I am going to the store today to stock up on tissue and cold medicine.