High tea

My daughter and I had another tea party. At the rate we are going, I am pretty sure there’s going to be a tea shortage. I tried to take our picture, but every time the camera clicked (damn delay) she would giggle, lean forward and say, “We are SO fancy.” You should have recorded that. I know, I know.


I also should have recorded her scolding me for sitting on the cat. Hold up! Don’t call animal control just yet. We don’t have a cat. I am allergic. Knowing this, my husband brought two kittens home last year. “They can live in the house outside.” He was talking about my daughter’s Little Tykes plastic house. It doesn’t have a real door or windows. Those kittens immediately bailed. The way my kids saw it, I was the bad guy who made Dad take them back. What’s new?

The cat my daughter was speaking of was make believe. How was I to know “Alice” would invite a cat to sit at the table and drink tea?

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