Next Reality Star

I am addicted to reality TV, but I cannot bring myself to watch people eat deodorant, cat hair or tires. I don’t understand how anyone can sit through an entire episode of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction.” I gag during the previews. Then again, I am disgusted if someone drinks out of my glass. I won’t even let my own children take a sip of my water. Especially not my own children. They always leave a little surprise crumb behind. The show is in its 4th season so the producers must be doing something right.

I am pretty sure catching your spouse eating a couch cushion is grounds for divorce. Nor is there anything in marriage vows about excessive enemas and eating rocks. I would be pissed off if any family member of mine was chowing down on dryer sheets. They are not cheap. A good coupon will only save you 50 cents. Do you think I want socks stuck to my pants? Walk away from the laundry room and get a damn cracker. Yes, according to TLC’s website, the addictions mentioned were actual episodes.

Another reality show is on the horizon and you could be the star. The company, Authentic Entertainment, has launched a website looking for the next Honey Boo Boo. Authentic Entertainment is behind a ton of reality shows including “Flipping Out,” which I love. I am not sure it would make good TV to film me arguing with crossing guards, shopping at Walmart and cleaning up dog puke. You can give it a whirl. Here is the link: My Life is a Reality Show


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