My son’s homework assignment brought back a flood of memories. His class is reading the coming of age novel, “The Outsiders.” The assignment was to complete the first chapter and list descriptions of each character. I told him I had a poster of Ponyboy and Johnny on my wall when I was younger. I think I cut it out of Tiger Beat Magazine. Whatever happened to C. Thomas Howell anyway?

Me: “The Outsiders was made into a movie in the 80’s”

My son: “You were alive in the 1980’s?”

Me: “Yes. I was alive.”

My son: “Wow. Did the movie have any special effects?”

Me: “No, but it was a good movie. With hunks like Patrick Swayze you don’t need CGI robots.” (2 snaps in a Z formation)

(rolls his eyes)

My son: “The old guy in that cheesy Dirty Dancing movie? He is dead, right?”

Me: “Yes. He died, but he wasn’t old back then.”

My son: “If there is a movie why do I have to waste my time reading the book. Can’t we just buy it on my IPod?”

I gave him the look, he smiled and finished reading.


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