Mission Impossible

Sometimes I envy people who can put their child into bed at night and walk away. I’m a wuss and was never able to leave the room when my babies were crying. So, I have rocked them to sleep or laid down with them. (We even went for car rides at midnight to get my son to sleep) There is nothing like having a child fall asleep in your arms. However, there are those nights when you just want the kids to go to f****** sleep.

My husband and I have been trying to watch a movie together for the past, oh, year or so. We were going to make it happen. I was holding my daughter in our room. She was almost asleep, but the volume on the TV was too loud. The remote was near the end of the bed. I tried leaning to the side and stretching my arm, but it was out of my reach. I attempted to grab the remote with my toes. I got a hold of it, but when I bent my knee my leg cramped up. It was like a slow motion sequence in a movie. I grabbed at the back of my thigh, the remote tumbled end over end to the ground and I mouthed, “Noooooooo!” My daughter’s eyes were getting heavy. I couldn’t move. So, I texted my husband these orders:







It would have worked. My husband completed the mission. This is a man who low crawled through a war zone in Iraq. He was quiet and completely out of my daughter’s sight. The only thing I saw was his hand reach up and turn down the volume. It appeared to be detached from his body. I burst into laughter. This is the length a parent has to go to get time alone? We never did watch a movie.


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