STFU people without kids

Believe me. I get annoyed with parents writing posts about their perfect children. I know it’s all BS and your child is really Satan. However, I actually enjoy looking at pictures my friends post on Facebook of their kids. Blair Koenig does not. This chick started a blog called STFU Parents. We all know a Blair. She is the bitter woman who doesn’t have children. She may not want them. Perhaps she is jealous because much of her adult life has been spent on a bar stool or hugging porcelain. Some of her stuff is really funny, but some of it is mean. There is a simple solution. Adjust the privacy settings on your Facebook page or defriend her. Then, you can post video of your delivery without being ridiculed on her website. On that note, I would never want a permanent recording of child labor. My first baby was delivered without an epidural. I don’t recommend it. I screamed like a feral cat. I almost died delivering my daughter. Besides, your child will never want to watch a DVD of your vagina stretched to the size of a melon. I have known people like Blair who turned their nose to anything related to children. Then, they had a baby. She will change her tune. (By the way, I couldn’t even find a Blair Koenig on Facebook. So, she doesn’t want you to see her personal page? Yet, she is trolling the internet and using photographs of strangers on her blog. Interesting. )

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  • Janine Huldie

    I couldn’t have said it better if I tried. Between the blog you are talking about, the person and I too delivered my second with an epidural that never worked; so could relate on more than one level here!!

  • Danielle McGaw

    Totally agree with you. If you don’t want to know about life with kids then don’t be friends with people with kids or hide their feed; don’t like pages of people who have kids; don’t read mom blogs. But don’t go looking for it and then complain about it!

  • B. from STFU, Parents

    Wow, you are so completely wrong about me. Did you actually do ANY research before you wrote this? Did you read my site and watch my clips on Ricki Lake and The Today Show? I love children, and at least half (if not more) of my “likes” and comments on Facebook are on my friends’ kids’ pictures or updates about their kids. I write about OVERshare – like posting pictures of your C-section, your child’s diaper blowout, or complaining that the UPS man woke up your baby and you want to shoot him in the face. I don’t mind seeing pictures of my friends’ kids in my newsfeed; I actually anticipate them with joy. You should go back and do some reading. All of that information can be found on my site in the About section, the FAQs, or just by reading my commentary. Unless you just prefer to complain with inaccuracy.

    • Kip

      You know she gets photos sent to her right?

      You know?

      Fuck off. Stfu parents is a twit.

      Nothing like hearing someone’s opinion about NASCAR.

      What about someone who doesnt own a car or have a liscense?

      Yeah, she has a right to speak her mind. She also has a right to get beat down. And cynical mommy just slapped her.

      You wanna be a big shot blogger? Deal with it.

    • Nicole

      Are you really blair from stfu parents?

      I love your site.

      But you sorta look like a douche nozzle here.

      If you want to be big, you sorta have to deal with criticism. You are sounding like a spoiled brat.

  • Alina

    She doesn’t go looking for pictures to make fun of them – her readers submit them to her. So, it seems that the Internet is full of people who don’t want to see delivery videos and pictures of baby poop in their FB feed. Not just one person who happened to write about it.

  • Emily

    You do know that she doesn’t “troll the internet” or Facebook for her content, right? Other people (often friends and family) submit the content to her. You don’t have to like her and you’re welcome to your opinions about her blog but maybe find out more about the blog/ger before you start hurling insults?

    • hannah

      Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.

      So you are saying Blair does NOT get her posts from trolling the internet?

      Point taken.

      How does that change the opinion that if you don’t like something you ignore it?

  • Wanda Engracia

    STFU, Parents doesn’t work that way. She doesn’t criticize people who post tons of pictures of their kids. She criticizes the overshare mentality. The picture that shows the contents of the potty. The post where that mom interrupts her friend’s status message with irrelevant news about her child.

    Also, Blair Koenig doesn’t “troll Facebook” for submissions. They’re exactly that – submitted to her by the denizens of the Internet. If someone is on STFU, Parents, it’s because his or her Facebook friend submitted that to Blair.

    Disclaimer: I’m a mom. I love my daughter very much. You will see pictures of her on my Facebook page. You will not see anything deeply personal or disgusting relating to her. I love being her mother, but it’s not the only aspect of my life I present to the world on Facebook.

    • Joel

      Your the parent that everyone makes fun of?

      I love it!!!!

      So true. Janne.

      So true.

      I bet Janne was the kid that no one knew what sex they were until they met him/her because their name was spelled like a pair of French jeans.

      Just kidding. Magician names are cool too.

  • Shea

    All of you who commented before me, and the person who wrote this are stupid. Straight up. You didn’t do your homework before writing this and you sound like an entitled snob.

      • Nancy g


        You are stupid.

        You complain about cynical mom not doing homework yet you don’t even realize you are repeating yourself.

        This website is much better without trolls.

        Sorry, I wrote this before I knew that Shea confirmed she was a fucking idiot

  • Alissa

    You have totally missed the aim of her site. She is not hating on people with kids for sharing about them on social media; rather, she is pointing out occasions when people take the sharing too far. Posting photos of their child’s poop, for example, or butting in on someone’s post about a death in the family to tell everyone about their little darling’s snotty nose. She does this with humor, and without exposing any identifying details of her subjects. I am a parent and I find her site hilarious.

  • C

    Umm, she gets submissions from other people from their facebook pages..soooo, there are a lot of people who think like her, including me (I have 2 kids).. Love STFU Parents, it’s a must read!

    • Michelle

      Ummmm…. I like her too.

      Are you saying that no one else can like her?

      Are you saying no one else can’t hate her?

      Why is this an issue?

      All I know is that Shea is an idiot

  • Alice

    Have you read Blair’s blog? It isn’t anti-baby, it isn’t anti-mom. It’s anti-oversharing. It’s anti-mommyjacking- it’s anti-responding to my status update about my uncle’s death with an inane “Big day for us too, Joey went poopey in the potty!” Like that’s more important. If she hated kids and hated parents, there’s no way so many of her readers would be, gasp, parents. There would not be a Gold Star category that features the most awesome, creative posts people have made involving their kids.

    • Nicole

      I write like that all the time.

      I don’t know your uncle Joey. Just so you know, no one else cares about him either.

      But when I show my boys, my likes go through the roof.

      I think you are taking this a little too far.

      Blair has her audience. This site has one too.

      All I am saying is let the lady speak her piece.

  • Darlene


    You sounded like an asshole on the today show.

    And who cares if they troll the internet or are sent emails.

    The commentary is shallow.

    People of Walmart is funny.

    Stfu parents would have a point if a mother were it.

    If anyone sounds like a snob its Blair bear.

  • Michael mint

    So as a man. With kids.

    Can I say that blair is a pig?

    Just saying… As long as we are free to state our opinions.

    I liked her site before I saw her face.

    Go back into hiding. She won’t be a mom anytime soon

  • Michelle

    Michael you are a pig.

    That comment is gross.

    This blog is far funnier than stfu parents because it is not based on a magazine article premise.

    So leave cynical mom alone. I like Blair too.

    And yes, Shea you are a fucking idiot. (sorry, I had to)

  • BeccaGo

    “She is the bitter woman who doesn’t have children. She may not want them. Perhaps she is jealous because much of her adult life has been spent on a bar stool or hugging porcelain. ”

    That is so fucking presumptuous I want to slap you.

  • Dad and Buried

    Not sure why anyone needs to pick sides. Having kids doesn’t make you a saint, not having kids doesn’t make you the devil.

    Also don’t think being a parent and hating on parents are mutually exclusive; it wasn’t until I became a parent that I realized how many parents suck. I happen to write a blog that spends a fair amount of time criticizing parents for being terrible, but am I free from scorn because I’m a parent? No, I’m free from scorn because I haven’t been on the Today Show.

    Neither of these blogs should be taken all that seriously; STFU is poking fun at people who have no sense of tact or proportion, and have lost all perspective when it comes to their kids; she’s not crazy. Cynical Mother is using her blog to vent about the daily stresses and general BS of parenting; she’s not crazy either.

    It’s not a war, people.


    • KatieMB

      You’re probably the most sane person (who happens to be a parent!) here! 🙂 Your point is well taken: the internet’s a huge place and people can certainly co-exist., and we all need to not take ourselves too seriously.

      I will add that if you’re going to criticize someone, it’s best to do a little research before doing so. Anyone who reads just a handful of STFUP posts can see Blair is not bitter.

  • B. from STFU, Parents

    I noticed you removed some very selective comments here. Funny. I also noticed you took down the other post. Of course, I took screenshots of it before you took it down. Don’t worry, my readers will know how crazy you are soon enough. You can publish or not publish this comment, too, by the way.

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