I didn’t want to exercise at 8 o’clock tonight, but I had to. I wasn’t trying to burn calories after eating chocolate cake. I needed to escape what was an exhausting day. My children did nothing but whine from the moment they woke up. It started with my 5-year-old son wishing his school would burn down. Don’t worry he isn’t channeling Drew Barrymore’s character in Firestarter . His class is focusing on Fire Safety Week. It’s on his mind. He changed his tune by the end of the day, skipping out the door, giddy over having the opportunity to try on a firefighter’s jacket, boots and hat. His enthusiasm will last until the alarm goes off Monday morning.

My 2-year-old wasn’t happy about anything today. She was less than cooperative while shopping for a birthday gift for my friend’s daughter. She decided the checkout line wasn’t moving fast enough. “Let’s go. I wanna go. Let’s go. I wanna go. Let’s go,” she repeated, making Fran Drescher’s voice sound like Brahms Symphony No. 2. The man in line ahead of us was clearly annoyed, fidgeting with his keys and pacing in a small circle. I wanted to tap him on the shoulder and say, “Hey dude, if it makes you feel any better, she is pissing me off too.”

This afternoon, my children whined in sync only pausing to argue. So, when my husband finally came home from work I ran. He is lucky I was on a treadmill or else I may have run away.

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