Who wears short shorts?

I am not a fan of the clothes young girls wear these days. I do not want my daughter dressing like a hoochie mama. Your vagina shouldn’t be longer than your shorts. I love this story out of Utah. A father, annoyed with his daughter’s attire, decided to show her how ridiculous she looked. He didn’t yell at her. Instead, he took scissors and cut up a pair of old jeans. Then, he and his family hit the town. Brilliant!


I was recently reminded of the belly exposing shirts I wore freshman year in high school. Touché. Well, I am older and wiser. It’s not like I am walking around in polyester pants with an elastic waist, (although elastic is the greatest invention ever) but I am trying to dress my age.

I recently cleaned out my closet to get rid of a few impulse buys. The just because you are feeling 22, you’re not articles of clothing.
I boxed up a bunch of my teenagers shirts, too and took it all to a consignment shop. You could have heard a pin drop when I walked into “Plato’s Closet.” The cashiers smiled, but had that “Hey Grandma” look in their eyes. I returned about 20 minutes later after they went through the box. They bought some things, but not a lot of my stuff. “We passed on a few items because they were a bit, um, like, mature,” she said. “A few doors down is a place called Clothes Mentor you may want to go there.” Allow me to translate for you. “Take your old lady clothes to the old lady store.” Oh, just forget it. I decided to donate my stuff to other senior citizens in need.

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