Here are a few stories that caught my attention while surfing the World Wide Web this morning:

Shoplifting Mama

An Iowa Mom who was busted for shoplifting claims she was beat down by police. This chick, Brandie (with an ie not y)Randall, stuffed $388 worth of clothing into her 1-year-old daughter’s stroller. Now, she is crying foul claiming police brutally attacked her in a store office. Do you smell a lawsuit brewing? Correct! Brandie (with an ie not y) is working with a Chicago-based civil rights group, Living and Driving While Black Foundation, to file a lawsuit against the officers. Redell is Caucasian. She should be suing the person who gave her this haircut.


I got a bad Dorothy Hamill cut in 1999. I was 7 months pregnant and not thinking clearly.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Brandie (with an ie not y)? She used her baby as an accomplice to commit a crime. It’s not like she was busted stealing food to fee her family. She wanted new clothes. I want to smack her upside the head.

Beyonce Gets a Haircut

Isn’t it silly that people actually give a s*** that Beyonce got a haircut? I can guarantee you Bey didn’t go to the same salon as Brandie (with an ie not y). People think she chopped off her naturally (cough, cough) golden locks after a mishap at a concert. She was singing an emotional rendition of Halo when her hair got caught in a fan. How the hell am I just seeing this video today?

You Gonna Eat That?

Are you ready to lose your lunch? A new App is coming out that connects cheap people with unwanted leftovers. Leftover Swap allows you to take a photo of what’s left on your plate and allow someone to claim it. As if we don’t see enough pictures of lunch on Facebook. Do you really think the guy who dumped you in the 11th grade cares that you’re eating a salad today? You would have to be really desperate or a very trusting person to download this sucker. There is no way in H-E-Double hockey sticks I am not going to chow down on a stranger’s half eaten burger.

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