Are you ready for some football?

It is the time of the year when men focus on something other than sex. Football. Unless you live under a rock you know today is the season opener for most teams in the NFL. I am not your stereotypical woman. Oh, don’t get me wrong I complain every Sunday. I am different in the sense that I actually enjoy watching football. However, the earth I live on doesn’t stop spinning at kickoff. I still have to take care of our three children. One may need food in the 1st quarter, a butt wiped in the 2nd and another will demand I attend a tea party in the 3rd and 4th. If they are thirsty, they are thirsty. They don’t care if the game is in overtime. I will become a single mother until our team is knocked out of the playoffs.

I live in upstate New York. This is Buffalo Bills country. Our team has had a streak of bad luck. Still, we are devoted fans. After every loss my husband mopes around the house like a kid who lost his puppy. Every year Bills fans will say “This is our year.” I certainly hope so. I don’t need another person whining in my house. So, let’s go Buffalo!

My kids already drank the Kool-aid:


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