Bad choices grandma

My 5-year-old wants green hair. “It would be so cool,” he says. He also wants to drop out of school because he can count to 100. “I know everything.” Well, everything except how to say the letter R. He weally needs to stay in kindergarten. I am all about encouraging kids to express themselves, but I like his chocolate brown hair. I won’t let my children get weird piercings either. (Oh, you are one of those moms? Yes, I am.) Sure, it seems like a great idea to have a small curtain rod poking through your nose when you are 17-years-old. Fast forward several years and you look like this woman:


She was arrested in upstate New York for driving drunk with a 6-year-old in the car. Grandma should be banned from the liquor store and local tattoo parlor.

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