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Can anyone out there bail be out of jail? My 5-year-old son is turning me in. He is in kindergarten and just started bringing home small paper books. Get down from your tree hippie, I know all books are made out of paper. I mean, these are printed at the school. I’m sure they pay a publishing company a ridiculous amount of money for the right to copy 4 pages. I could have written these books myself. “I can run. You can run. We can run.” ( I think it’s pretty presumptuous of the author to assume we all can run.) There are a lot of popular children’s books written like this. Take, for example, “Goodnight Moon.” I know what you’re thinking, “But that’s a classic.” If the old lady was running instead of whispering hush that book would be a copied handout. My 12-year-old can draw better illustrations.

My son brings home a new miniature book every night. We read it five times, send it back and a new one comes home the next day. Well, I decided to photocopy the book so my son can continue practicing at home. “You can’t do that,” my son said. He can’t distinguish his right foot from his left, but he knows copyright laws? I’m not selling the book on the black market. It’s stapled together for goodness sake. “I’m telling my teacher.” Awesome. Now, she will not only know I made my husband sleep on the couch, but that I steal too.

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  • Janine Huldie

    Kids truly amaze me time and time again. Mine are no different and too shock me on a daily basis too. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face this morning and can very much see where you were coming from though with copying those books and probably would have done the same thing!

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