Hurry Up!

It’s time to slow down. I am guilty of repeatedly telling my kids to “hurry up.” In fact, I said it twice this morning. “Hurry up and get dressed.” “Hurry up and eat your breakfast.” A friend shared this article from The Huffington Post on Facebook. (Yes, old folks haven’t made the transition to Instagram and still use The Facebook.) It literally brought me to tears. Then again, these days I cry when we run out of ketchup. (Hormones + Baby starting pre-school = emotional wreck)

Here is an excerpt of the article:

The Day I Stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up’
Rachel Macy Stafford

When you’re living a distracted life, every minute must be accounted for. You feel like you must be checking something off the list, staring at a screen, or rushing off to the next destination. And no matter how many ways you divide your time and attention, no matter how many duties you try and multi-task, there’s never enough time in a day to ever catch up.

My carefree child was a gift to my Type A, task-driven nature –but I didn’t see it. Oh no, when you live life distracted, you have tunnel vision — only looking ahead to what’s next on the agenda. And anything that cannot be checked off the list is a waste of time.

Whenever my child caused me to deviate from my master schedule, I thought to myself, “We don’t have time for this.” Consequently, the two words I most commonly spoke to my little lover of life were: “Hurry up.”

I started my sentences with it.

Hurry up, we’re gonna be late.

I ended sentences with it.

We’re going to miss everything if you don’t hurry up.

I started my day with it.

Hurry up and eat your breakfast.

Hurry up and get dressed.

I ended my day with it.

Hurry up and brush your teeth.

Hurry up and get in bed.

And although the words “hurry up” did little if nothing to increase my child’s speed, I said them anyway. Maybe even more than the words, “I love you.”

Read the entire post here: HuffingtonPost.com

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