Strong as a pig

My son made my husband the cutest gift for Father’s Day. Yes, I know it was last week. My husband got the royal treatment: he slept in and enjoyed Hot Pockets for dinner. Talk about truth in advertising. Hot Pockets are really hot if you follow the directions on the box. My husband had complained a week earlier that, despite having a refrigerator and freezer stock full, that there wasn’t any food in the house. Translation: he wanted instant gratification and didn’t want to cook. Well, since we can’t afford to hire a personal chef and I am not one I purchased boxes of Hot Pockets. I love this Jim Gaffigan bit on the tasty treat:

I found the Father’s Day gift in my son’s back pack under a crumbled cookie and sucker stick. Where I am from we call it a sucker. You may refer to it as a lollipop. We also call soda: “pop.” What kind of pop do you want? I try to get all fancy and order soda, but pop always finds its way back into my vernacular.

Here is the gift. Take note that my son wishes his Dad was a scuba diver. He could fight off sharks since he is strong as a pig. I am definitely saving this project.


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