Tooth Fairy

My son has a loose tooth.  He is excited, but a little terrified at the same time.  Can you blame him?  The kid has grown accustomed to using all of his teeth to chew food.  Now, five years later I inform him they are going to fall out.  “What day will they fall out?”  he wondered.  As a parent I would like to have an answer for everything.  If I don’t have an answer to a homework question I secretly Google it.   If it can’t be answered on the internet I call my Mom.  “I don’t know,” I said.  “It will come out when it’s ready.”

He knows what happens each time a tooth comes out.  His friend lost one this past week.  The tooth fairy gave him a baseball.   How the hell do you sneak that under a pillow?  I’m guessing the kid woke up with a stiff neck.  My son thinks the tooth fairy makes jewelry out of teeth,  (I throw it away.)  “The tooth fairy is small. (Thank You, I have been running.)  She will tiptoe into my room  (I will walk) and leave a nickel.”  Hold up!  A nickel?  Does he think this is 1940?  Thomas Jefferson can’t even get you a gumball these days.  He is going to lose his shit when he finds Abraham Lincoln under his pillow.  Whenever it happens. 


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