A side dish of….

There are certain things you never want to see or hear at a restaurant.  Finding a hair in your food is at the top of the list.   A waitress with a runny nose is a close second.   I rarely go out to eat with the entire family.  Once you have more than one kid it’s really more work than it is enjoyable.  You don’t see the Duggar’s dining at Chili’s.  

Well, today I decided let’s take the family out.   Yee-haw!  (Cue banjo) I won’t say where we went because what happened was not exactly pleasant.   I would have preferred our waitress pull her hair back instead channeling  Slash from Guns n’ Roses, but she couldn’t have been nicer.  We made it through the first course without my children arguing.   It probably helped that I starved them the day before so all they wanted to do was eat.  (I’m kidding. Don’t email me.) 

As we waited for our entrees I overheard a conversation that gave me pause.  The manager of the restaurant approached the table across from us.  “I am so sorry you found that.”  My ears perked up.  The customer replied, “I just want to know what it was.  That was disturbing.”  I gently laid my fork down on the table.  What the hell did she find on her plate that would make the manager comp the entire bill?  I would have asked, but didn’t want to freak my children out.  They are a bit neurotic (wonder where they get that) and would dwell on it.   There is no doubt my appetite was gone.  I couldn’t eat a single bite of my meal.   Nor, will I ever go back to this restaurant again.

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