Hair Bow Obsession

I am obsessed with hair accessories for my daughter.  She doesn’t leave home without a bow that compliments her outfit.  Why?  I think they are pretty.  I also like it when people compliment her.  It must suck to have ugly kids. Actually, if your kids are ugly you should accessorize even more.  Relax, I am kidding. (sort of)  My daughter can be feminine and kick ass on a soccer field.  Someday,  she may refuse to wear them, but until then here is a sample of our collection:











I could not resist buying more bows today when I saw a sale on Very Jane.  They only cost $1.50 each. You can’t even buy a bottled soda for $1.50.   I know, I know, I am out of control.

Very Jane has a new deal everyday on boutique merchandise.   They have everything from clothing, jewelry to unique items like these personalized serving platters.

A platter would make a great gift when you attend  a summer BBQ.  I never knew you were supposed to give the host/hostess a gift until I worked as a nanny in the Hamptons.   In my neck of the woods we just brought our own beer and lawn chairs.  My Bridgehampton boss shopped for parties before receiving a single invitation in the mail.  She had a closet stocked with host/hostess gifts.  She also paid to get her hair blown out everyday.  She paid someone to dry her hair.  I color my hair at home and sometimes it shows. (My hair dresser is shaking her head. )

Speaking of BBQ’s,  how cute are these chalkboard stands to label food at a buffet.   I don’t organize parties on a regular basis because the idea of people going in my house to use the bathroom freaks me out.  I don’t want to clean toilets my own children have used.  I certainly don’t want to clean the neighbor’s shit stain off the bowl.  Plus, how do I know his kid isn’t a Kleptomaniac.  I don’t need anyone stealing my gold tone jewelry.  However, I would totally use these if I had fancy parties.  They are cute and you don’t have to answer the annoying guy who has to ask, “What’s this?”  and “What is this?”over and over again.  He can just enjoy the free food and shut up.

I would love to buy these pillow covers. The pillows included with our patio are covered in palm trees and pine cones.  I am pretty sure the two don’t go together.  Of course, my children would never allow me to rest my head, but at least my pillows would look good.

Full disclosure:  I am affiliated with Very Jane, but I wouldn’t promote crap I didn’t like.


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