Viral videos

Here are a few of my favorite viral videos posted on “The Facebook” today. A party isn’t a party until the DJ plays “Baby Got Back.”

…and this one is sure to cure those Monday blues. This video is funny because these people cannot get off the float. Is there ever a graceful way to get down from an inner tube? The answer is no. There is also no way for an adult to maintain their dignity going down a children’s slide. I made the mistake of taking my daughter to a playground this past weekend after a wedding. I become a Crash Test Dummy whenever we visit the park. I have to go down a slide first to prove it’s safe. This time I was wearing a dress. Halfway down the dress shifted and my a** cheek made contact with the plastic bringing me to a complete, painful stop. I had to lift and scoot, lift and scoot until I got to the bottom. “I am not going on that,” my daughter said.


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