I try to keep up with modern technology. My phone is smart.  I regularly use hip text lingo. LOL. However, I just learned I am stuck in the 90’s when it comes to surfing the web. I didn’t get the memo that you no longer have to type “www” to access a website.


My husband saw me logging on to the world wide web and asked, “What are you doing?” Nobody calls it the world wide web anymore? “You don’t have to type www,” he chuckled. I moved my pocketbook and sat down on the Davenport to catch my breath. Am I really that old? I did get a typewriter for Christmas once. I also remember the days of dial up Internet. It always seemed like someone would try to make a call when you were logging on.

“Hang up the phone! I’m trying to get online!” I guess I just answered my question.


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