Music Torture

I was in the kitchen this morning when I heard what sounded like techno music blaring upstairs. Were my kids hosting a rave? I crept upstairs to bust the party. I did not find glow sticks or over sized pacifiers. Instead, I discovered a digital drum set in front of my 13-year-old’s bedroom door. I bought this electronic drum at Goodwill before Christmas. It only cost $5. Sometimes Santa is on a budget. It sells for $50 on Amazon. Score! I am trying to encourage my 6-year-old’s love of music. I had no idea it would be used in psychological operations. My recently graduated kindergartener channeled Moby, cranked the volume and placed the digital drum in front of his brother’s door. Why? Well, because my older son refused to let his little brother inside. So, my 6-year-old opted for musical torture. It took less than five minutes to break my teenager. He had no choice, but to admit defeat. Can you blame him:


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